Statement of Protection of Personal Information

Manulife Life Insurance Company (“Manulife”), as a life insurance company trusted by customers, considers it to be critically important to bring about the thorough implementation of measures for protection of customers’ personal information. Manulife hereby declares that Manulife will endeavor to collect and use personal information in lawful and fair means, and to maintain accuracy and confidentiality thereof by managing personal information appropriately in accordance with its policy relating to handling of personal information.

Manulife will abide by laws, regulations and social norms applicable to the personal information in its custody, and review and improve the efforts mentioned in the following Items:

Manulife will collect personal information only for the purposes specified below for offering products and services. In addition, collection of personal information will be limited to the minimum extent necessary for achieving the purposes of use set forth below. Purposes of use of personal information are as follows:

  • Underwriting, renewal and maintenance of various insurance policies, payment of insurance benefits and claims;
  • Guidance, offering and maintenance of various products and services, including those of affiliated companies and allied companies;
  • Offering of information and management regarding Manulife’s business, and enhancement of products and services; and
  • Other business related to and incidental to insurance business.

Manulife will collect personal information of customers such as address, birth date, sex, occupation, health condition, etc. only to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes of use specified above.

Manulife will collect personal information by lawful and fair means. Primary method of collection of personal information will be; to collect information from application forms of insurance policy and questionnaire; to collect information from requests for brochures through Internet or by mail; and to collect information by phone calls. (For reception of information from customers on the internet, Manulife has adopted SSL (Security Socket Layer) encryption system to provide security to personal information of customers).

Manulife will use personal information of customers only to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes of use mentioned above. Should a need arise to use personal information beyond the extent necessary to achieve the purposes of use, Manulife will seek prior approval from customers except when such need arises due to applicable laws and/or regulations.

Manulife will not transfer personal information of customers to a third party except for the following cases where:

  • Customer’s approval has been obtained;
  • Required by laws and/or regulations;
  • It becomes necessary to do so for protection of customer him/herself or of public interest;
  • Manulife entrusts business operations to a third party to achieve the purposes of use of personal information, with whom Manulife concluded an agreement which expressly provides for a confidentiality obligation of such party;
  • It is necessary for maintenance of sound insurance system such as registration of the terms of insurance policies with The Life Insurance Association of Japan; or
  • It becomes necessary for re-insurance.

Manulife offers products and services through Plan Right Advisors (designation for sales representatives), and agents with whom Manulife has concluded an agency agreement. Thus, Manulife will use, jointly with agents, part of personal information which it collected within the scope of the purposes of use.

Manulife will strive to maintain the accuracy and currency of customers’ personal information. Manulife is expending all efforts to take thoroughgoing security measures to prevent unauthorized access to customer information and protect customer information. Manulife has implemented necessary training to all those who work at Manulife including Plan Right Advisors, officers and employees and to the agents in order to handle personal information of customers appropriately.

Manulife causes and will cause all companies, which handle personal information in relation to the business operations entrusted to them by Manulife, to manage personal information in a similar strict manner.

Unless there is any particular reason to the contrary, Manulife will comply with customer’s request to disclose, correct or stop the use of his/her personal information promptly after confirming that the request was made by the customer him/herself. Please contact the following Customer Contact Center for disclosure, correction and cessation of use of customer’s personal information handled by Manulife.

Customer Contact Center for Customer Personal Information
Manulife Call Center: 0120-063-730
*Office hour: 9:00 to 17:00 (Close on Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays, and New Year Holidays)